Continuing Your HVACR Education & Training

Successful, profitable contractors know the importance of a well-educated workforce. From technicians to middle management to the business owners themselves, it’s impossible to advance and improve without investing in useful education. ORACCA offers extensive educational opportunities for the HVACR industry, centered on our commitment to excellence.

As an ORACCA member you will have access to over a hundred different seminars, taught by the nation’s top HVACR contractors and other experts from various fields, covering a wide variety of management and technical topics.

Gas Gauge Code Clarification: Code Information

ORACCA Testing & Training Dates

608 CFC Test- This is a on demand test.
The test itself is scheduled with your calendar in mind. Once you have had time to thoroughly read and understand the material in the study manual and feel comfortable to take the test, contact the ORACCA office to set a date that works for both you and the proctor. Any questions please contact Dick Stilwill –

NATE Gas Heat, Heat Pump/Core Online Training/Test -This is a on demand test
Training is available through the ORACCA On-Line E-Learning program. It consists of on demand video test preparation dealing with special emphasis on the Core and Gas Heat or Heat Pump sections. You can choose which of the training modules and tests you wish to participate in. Each individual is responsible for participating in the training, if they so desire. On the specified test date, each participant will take the proctored NATE test(s) on line. Once the applicant has finished the test(s) on line, each applicant will have on line access to their pass/fail status on the test. Testing On-line: Each applicant wishing to participate in this NATE testing session must fill out the registration form and return it to ORACCA Headquarters. You will be notified of test specifics and will be sent the link to the study guides, once you have registered. We must pre-register each participant with the NATE testing site well prior to the test date. Any questions please contact Dick Stilwill –

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Brazing Certification Testing June 12, 2020

Brazing Test Portland October 16, 2020

Brazing Certification Testing December 18, 2020

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