Columbus Day

Columbus Day, which is on the second Monday of October, remembers Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas on October 12, 1492. This holiday is controversial because the European settlement in the Americas led to the demise of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples

Summer Begins

The June solstice is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice the Southern Hemisphere. ‘Solstice’ (Latin: ‘solstitium’) means ‘sun-stopping’. The point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set, stops and reverses direction after this day. On the solstice, the sun does not...

Flag Day

People across the United States celebrate Flag Day on June 14 each year to honor the United States flag and to commemorate the flag’s adoption. On the same day, the United States Army celebrates its birthday.

Member Meeting – Workforce Presentation

WORKFORCE PRSENTATION NW College of Construction 8111 NE Holman St, Portland, OR 97218 Where is the HVAC industry going to find people to man its workforce today, tomorrow and in the future. Our workforce is aging and journeymen are retiring. When they walk out the door for the last time,...

Spring Begins

The March equinox marks when the Northern Hemisphere starts to tilt toward the sun, which means longer, sunnier days. In the Northern Hemisphere, the March equinox is called the vernal equinox, because it signals the beginning of spring (vernal means fresh or new like the spring).

Daylight Saving Time Begins

DST is a seasonal time change measure where clocks are set ahead of standard time during part of the year, usually by 1 hour. As DST starts, the Sun rises and sets later, on the clock, than the day before.  

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