On-Line Brazing Re-Test Signup

This applies for those wishing to take written retests for the brazing certification process. Due to restrictions invoked by the COVID-19 epidemic, we cannot hold group testing. To accommodate those who only need to retest for the written portion of the testing, we have developed an online method to take the test.

1. First, you must register with the ORCCA office to take the retest. You may download a  PDF Registration Form  or register online using the form to the right.: 

2. This requires that the participant has access to a computer with a large enough monitor to easily read the test questions as they are presented on the screen.

3. Once you are registered, a date and time will be arranged for you to go online and take the proctored test via zoom. A link will be sent to you for a zoom session on the day and time set for the test.

We are somewhat flexible on days and test times, but operate on first come first served basis, taking into account the Proctor and your schedule.

The written retest will be held via zoom on the scheduled date and time. Simply log on to a computer with a large enough monitor to allow you to easily read the questions as they are projected onto the screen (at least 15″ monitor is recommended. The proctor will make note of your answers and be able to instantly grade your test.

Prior to the test be sure to study the manual and review the training video to ensure passing. You can also access this study information on our website by pasting this link into your browser.


Brazing-Retest Online

Register On-Line