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We are limited to the first 15 applicants for this seminar and test. Please return your application form as soon as possible in order to insure a reservation.  * The test itself is scheduled with your calendar in mind. Once you have had time to thoroughly read and understand the material in the study manual and feel comfortable to take the test, contact the ORACCA office to set a date that works for both you and the proctor. Any questions please contact Dick Stillwell –


Under Section 608 of the CAA, EPA has established regulations that:Require service practices that maximize recycling of ozone-depleting compounds (both chlorofluorocarbons [CFCs] and hydrochlorofluorocarbons [HCFCs] and their blends) during the servicing and disposal of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
Set certification requirements for recycling and recovery equipment, technicians, and reclaimers.

Restrict the sale of refrigerant to certified technicians.

Require persons servicing or disposing of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment to certify to EPA
that they have acquired recycling or recovery equipment and are complying with the requirements of the
rule. Require the repair of substantial leaks in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment with a charge of
greater than 50 pounds.

The Certification Types as specified by section 608 of the Clean Air Act, are as follows:

  • Core Must be taken in addition to the specific levels listed below – 25 Questions
  • Type I Small Appliances with 5 pounds of less Refrigerant – 25 Questions
  • Type II High Pressure and Very High Pressure Appliances – 25 Questions
  • Type III Low Pressure Appliances. – 25 Questions

Your ORACCA association supports this effort and urges you to approach this testing seriously. While the two previous CFC tests given in Portland earlier this year had passing rates of 90%, the national average passing these tests have been only 50%. Consequently, with this level of success locally, we have arranged to continue presenting this seminar in order to aid qualified technicians in obtaining certification and assistance in understanding some of the complexities of the test.

We urge you to seriously study the course book, available through ORACCA. The materials contained in the book will help you to achieve a passing grade in a level ( Type I, II, or III) in which you have expertise and practical experience. This is a closed book test. No study aid materials of any kind are allowed in the testing area. Pencils and pressure/temperature charts are provided.

We are limited to the first 15 applicants for this seminar and test. Please return your application form as soon as possible in order to insure a reservation.